Covid vaccines

Local Drop-in Clinics Holsworthy

Great news if you are still needing a Jab!

No need to book just drop-in. You will need you NHS number and some form of ID.

There will be two drop-in clinics in Holsworthy for 1st, 2nd and booster jabs very soon.

Saturday 4th December 2021, 12 noon - 4.30pm (time changed)

Holsworthy Memorial Hall, Manor Car Park, North Rd, Holsworthy EX22 6DJ

Wednesday 15th December 2021, 11am - 5pm

Holsworthy Memorial Hall, Manor Car Park, North Rd, Holsworthy EX22 6DJ

These walk-in clinics are not run by ourselves or our PCN but by the County Council. They have asked us to remind patients that their supplies are limited.

Local Drop-in Clinics Bude

No need to book, just turn up and grab a jab at any of the sites listed below. You will need you NHS number and some form of ID.

You can use a walk-in site to get a:

  • first dose of the vaccine if you or your child are aged 16 or older (selected vaccination sites only, please check site details before attending)
  • second dose of the vaccine if you’re eligible
  • booster dose of the vaccine if you’re eligible and it’s been 6 months (182 days) since your second dose

Thursday 2 December 2021, 10am to 4pm
Bude Methodist Church, Ergue Gaberic Way, Bude EX23 8LA

Friday 3 December 2021, 10am to 3pm
The Parkhouse Centre, Ergue Gaberic Way, Bude EX23 8LD

Both clinics are for first, second and booster doses available for people aged 16 and older.  

Please note that these walk-in clinics are not organised or run by ourselves or our PCN, but by the County Council.


The final date for Covid Booster Vaccinations at the Holsworthy Centre was Saturday the 27th of November.  Covid vaccines will now be administered at the Mass Vaccination Centres and through local drop-in clinics. This decision has been made due to mounting winter pressures in Primary Care, both locally and nationally.
Booster clinics given at the Holsworthy Centre were only for patients who are 80 years and over, eligible patients with underlying health conditions aged 16-79, along with health and social care workers. 
If you need a first, second or booster vaccination please use the National Covid Vaccination booking site on-line or call 119 to find out what's available.
Follow this link to the on-line booking site: MAKE A BOOKING
Booster vaccinations can only be given after 6 months (plus one week); second vaccinations can only be given 8 weeks after the first vaccination. This information has not yet changed, although an enhanced rollout of booster vaccinations was announced on 30th November 2021. 
We will be posting walk-in options, as we are made aware of these on our website and through Facebook. The walk-in clinics are not run by ourselves or our PCN, by by the County Councils.

For further information about vaccination, and some commonly-asked questions please go to Covid Booster FAQs


Flu vaccines will be given at your registered GP Practice and not with the booster vaccines. Each Practice will decide individually how they wish to administer the flu vaccines and hold clinics as they are able, and once flu vaccine supply has been confirmed. 


Covid vaccines at Holsworthy & elsewhere

As we are no longer offering Covid Vaccinations at the Holsworthy Centre, with the larger vaccination centres taking over, please call 119 to book at a Mass Vaccination Site or go on-line: MAKE A BOOKING   Our Covid Booking Line at Holsworthy has now, therefore, closed.

To find one of the walk-in venues near to you, where no booking is necessary, please to: WALK-IN OPTIONS

We realise this may pose difficulties in regard to transport and have posted some transport at the bottom of this page. 
To book any 1st, 2nd or booster vaccinations please use the National Booking Line on 119 or go on-line to: MAKE A BOOKING


Errors with your vaccinations

Vaccinations given here

If there is an error with your vaccine records and it was given by us, please call 01409 253692 and tell us about this issue. We will try to amend the error the same day, which updates on the national system within 24 hours. 

Vaccines given elsewhere

We are unable to change vaccine records completed elsewhere. If you have an issue with a record that was given at a different site, please contact that site to have any errors amended. If you are unable to contact the site who gave you the vaccine, please call 119 and ask for a VDRS referral. Someone from that team will then call you back and help you woth the query or correction. Once a record has been amended, it will take 24 hours to update on the national system. 

Vaccines given in other parts of the UK should now appear in the English NHS System. 

NHS Covid Pass

The NHS Covid Pass can be found on your NHS App. If you have vaccine records, or a positive test to Covid, you can receive a Covid Pass. This is to be used when travelling, and may be used for more in the future (events, nightclubs etc). The NHS Covid Pass is seperate to our clinical system, so if there is a technical issue we are unable to help. Please dial 119 if there is an issue with your Covid Pass. 

For those who had their vaccines abroad we are unable to link your vaccine to the Covid Pass. There is an update that is planned for later this year to pick up vaccines in medical records as well as those given on site. We do not know when this is going to happen. In preperation, we are able to put vaccines given abroad onto your medical record. This will not be picked up until the update. We have also been told there is work being completed to form a national team to deal with any queries regarding this, but we have no further information on this yet. 

If you need a paper vaccine record, please call 119. We are unable to supply any form of Covid Pass. 

Travel Options

Some of the Voluntary organisations are offering help, getting people to and from vaccination appointments. If you need help please call:


AGE UK on 01872 223388 AGE UK TRANSPORT

PICKME UP Cars for Care on 01409 259001 (for people who do not have access to a vehicle or who are unable to drive only): CARS FOR CARE


Please note, we are not able to arrange your transport for you from our surgeries.

Housebound Patients

A nursing team from North Devon District Hospital have now started giving Covid booster vaccinations to patients registered at our 5 PCN practices and who are unable to leave their homes. The NDDH housebound vaccination team are contacting people ahead of their appointments to notify them of day and approximate time of the vaccination visit. The nurses are working from lists given to them by their registered practice. We will be sending letters to our housebound patients to let them know that this is happening. As we are not administering the vaccines to housebound patients, if you have any queries about this please call 119 who can advise.